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This is not a comprehensive listing, but it may make it easier to find your way around.


  1. History of kites - for those of you doing research - Thanks to Meg Albers
  2. Japanese kites - History of Japanese kites
  3. Japanese Kiting Calendar - Just in case you plan a visit
  4. Kids' page - Kite stuff by the bunches...even software for building kites
  5. Build a box kite - If you want to make a fairly simple kite
  6. Build a tetrahedron kite - If you want to tackle a class project, or a complex project, or just make Alexander G. Bell roll over in his grave (GRIN)
  7. Kite for kids - A place to go if you need a quick, easy, nice flying, inexpensive kite for little kids.

    Kites for Teachers

  1. Brief history of kites - A little bit about a lot. Not detailed
  2. Kite names around the world - Excellent map activity
  3. Kite links and other information - Information and plans for kites from all over the world
  4. A cheap, simple kite to make (Only two cents!)
  5. A bulletin board idea - kite related, of course
  6. Tetrahedron kite - Outstanding, very complete set of instructions with pictures on how to make a tetrahedron kite. An excellent project for an older group of youngsters. They say a tail is not necessary, but I found that I DID need one.
  7. Lesson Plans - Another site for teachers that offers sort of a lesson plan for kite construction and flying.
  8. Principles of Aeronautics Instructor's Text- All right teachers, here is a site with lesson plans and activities.
  9. A teacher's page - This fourth grade teacher has put up a page for her students to do some research from. I imagine she would not mind your students using her page to do the same thing.

    Teacher information

Suggestions for homework for your kids. (Don't worry, kids, most of it is fun!)
  1. Short history of kites.
  2. More detailed history of kites in the world
  3. Japanese history of kites
  4. Kite names in languages around the world and a suggested map activity.
  5. A map activity with kite names (Look at the bottom of the page for this idea)
  6. Flying squirrels (Sugar Glider), and MORE!
  7. A bulletin board idea to display those reports
  8. And how about a cooperative learning project for your class? Here is the project, someone needs to flesh it out. (Hint, hint)
  9. And homework for the teacher (OK kids, now YOU get even!) (BIG, EVIL GRIN)

My kites - A gallery of pictures

Kansas City Kite Club

Some places to fly in the Kansas City Metro area.