Dave's Kite

So, you have come to take a look at some of my kites. Here are a few. More pictures will be coming soon.

The kite shown here, is a custom made kite. It was made by Bill Timmerman. It is 1/2 oz nylon, 8ft wing span, and weighs in at 7.5 oz. The graphic is the NEA (National Education Association) logo.

This is sort of a rok kite. It is really a cross between a rok and the Jewel kite that I saw in some plans I found on the internet. I made several changes in the plan. It is about 5 feet tall and I usually fly with a 40 foot red, white, and blue tail. Surprised?

I attended the Ft Worden Kitemaker's conference in March. One of the workshops was led by Tim Benson from England. This is the ktie we made. All the sail pieces were already cut out, sticky tape applied, leading edge material precut with sticky tape, all reinforements premade, and all the rods cut to the correct size, and all the fittings were in the bag with the rest of the materials. We just had to stick together the pieces of ripstop, sew them together, frame the kite and we were finished in two hours. Everything fit together just like it was supposed to and we ended up with a great flying little kite!.

I liked Tim Benson's kite a lot, but the colors just were not right for me so I came up with this version. The biggest changes were in the fittings and bridling material. I also put in a bit more curve in the leading edge. The 'appliqué' of the graphic on the white portion of the kite is really just drawn on with permanent magic markers. It looks good in the air.

The Flip-Flop is a 6ft span kite framed in 1800 carbon rods. It is an excellent flying kite, and does well in light wind. The plans are found on the internet, and are very complete. .

Here is a kite that I purchased. It is an American Eagle by Sholtz of Sky Delights. He has a whole series of bird kites, but this is my favorite. Can you tell why? The colors give you a hint!

This is another version of the Flip Flop. I put a greater curve on the leading edge and trimmed down the tips so they would not buzz. I also made the contrasting color tip section a bit larger than on the Flip Flop. It is framed in 1800 carbon rods.


I built the Dancer from some plans I found in the Kite Lines magazine. The kite is four feet tall from top to bottom. It is NOT fun putting it together with all the spreaders.

The 36 inch Tumbler is made from plans I found in some long forgotten kite book. It tumbles quite well and does not require a lot of wind to get airborne.

I got my Rok for my birthday. It tended to peel off to the right, and when I put on the flag banner that I had made for our Independence Day I discovered that is what it needed for stability. So the banner is a permanent part of the kite, now.

Well, perhaps you can see that red, white, and blue is my favorite color combination. It shows up in my double Delta Conye as you see me launching it at a favorite flying site next to Johnson County Community College here in Overland Park, Kansas. The field is several acres in area.

My stack of three kites with five feet wingspans are not all red, white, and blue. The first two have pictures drawn with permanent markers but do not show up in the photograph.

This is the L'ectron, an indoor/low-no wind kite. The plans are on the internet. It is on a French site so the plans are in French. That is not much of a problem, though, as there are very few directions. There is just a picture, and a list of materials including a short description of the kite. It is a nice little kite and requires quick reflexes. It is the first kite of its type that I have built.

I had my third grade class make the dragon kite whose head is 3 ft. by 4 ft. and with a 65 ft. tail. The tail had scales drawn with magic markers but they don't show up in the picture either. The kids had fun using it for a dragon dance through the school in our celebration of the Chinese New Year before we took it out to fly in the brisk January air!

I bought the Top Half from Wind Wizards and felt he needed something so I made the soccer ball from directions I found on the net. I can't remember who the designer of the ball was.

The Star Dancer is one that I made from plans from a book and it stands over 6 feet tall. It needs a long tail to fly in stronger winds. I made a 30 feet long red-white-blue tail to match the kite.

I made this arch kite in red-white-blue ripstop from plans I found on the net from Australia. It has 50 kites in it and I would put in more if it were not such a tedious job making kite after kite after kite...... By the way, who says Kansas is flat?

I made this five foot rokkaku to a 3-4-5 ratio as a gift to Dorothy Moody Elementary School, the school where I worked for many, many years. The kite reflects the school colors as well as the school mascot.

I visit schools and give kiting presentations. For my Kites in Japanese Culture presentation I share how the rokkaku kites are part of the culture. I made this five foot model which is hand painted on tyvek for display during the presentations.

I also share the place of the Sode-dako in Japanese culture. This 5 foot tall model is also hand painted on tyvek.

Sometimes I like to have fun while building my kites. Here is a frog drawn on a plastic rokkaku kite. I used a plastic bag from a Dillon's store for the sail. It is four feet tall, and made to a 3-4-5 ratio. The banner tail is one that I made for my mom, but she didn't like it. It is from regular banner material.

I had been thinking about putting some motion in one of my kites. I purchased a spinning ball from Wind Wizards and then made a rokkaku with a big hole in the center. The spinning ball is mounted on the vertical spar. I made a spinning wheel with streamers to ride along as sort of a tail. Yep, it is red, white, and blue.

Here is a kite of my own design made of red, white, and blue ripstop ribbons. Each ribbon is 2in. wide with a 2in. space between each. The kite is 4 feet tall. It flys from a single tow point about 10 inches from the top. It flies quite well, despite all the "holes".

This box kite is actually a double box kite. I had no plans to make it from. I did find a tiny picture of the kite on the net. It is some place in Japan. I am sorry that I can not remember the site URL, but if you stumble across it, it is an excellent site. This version is about 4 ft squrare.

I found the design for this "sun" on a t-shirt given to me by a school I visited. It started out being a banner 4 ft. X 4 ft. I decided it should fly on its own, so I added the triangles on the top and bottom. I guess it would be called a rokkaku kite. Yep, it is red, white, and blue.

This is a special edition of an Air Master 1. It is red, white, and a tiny bit of blue. I really like the way it flies. It does very well in the calm air in which I prefer to fly.

I would like to see some of your kites. Let me know where to look and find them.