Make Your Own Kids Kite

Kites for Kids Only

Just kidding. Adults are welcome, too.

This page has been made for you that are interested in kites. There are several places in the world you will want to visit while getting information about kites.

An interesting and easy kite to build is a sled kite from plans found in England. See if you can scale it to a larger size and use plastic for the sail.

If you want to build the smallest kite in town you might try making a microkite from Main, USA. A warning, though it may be small, but it is not easy to make.

Here is an excellent kite, very easy to make, especially for the younger flyers. It requires one piece of paper, a bit of tape, a staple, and some flying line. Make the flying line about as long as the flyer is tall, and then run like crazy to make wind for the kite to fly! It works indoors, too.

Go to Bermuda. Here you can learn how to make a Bermuda kite. This is difficult to make, but if you are experienced or have some OLD person to help you then go for it.

As a kite flyer you have the responsibility to be a safe flyer. Here some safety rules from an elementary school in Bermuda.

Not only birds can fly. Some mammals can fly, too. Some can only glide. Make a kite of a flying squirrel from Australia. I bet you can find some more information on the internet about this Sugar Glider.

Any computer nut would want some computer software to help them learn to make kites. So, if you are a computer person grab some software to do just that, and also get software to fly a stunt kite, right there on your computer screen!

If you have some help you might like to build a box kite that is real cheap and easy to fly. The box kite was invented in Australia, but this design comes from the USA.

Now you can learn to make a kite. Here are Step by step directions for making a simple kite or a more advanced sled kite. Uses easy to find materials around home.

The 60 second scientist shows you how to make a simple sled kite. It is a fairly large kite but the step by step directions are easy to follow. It does need a rather large sheet of paper, but you can use a plastic trash bag instead.

Outstanding, very complete set of instructions with pictures on how to make a tetrahedron kite. This is an excellent project, but it is another place where you may want an OLD person to help you out. They say a tail is not necessary, but I found that I DID need one.

How about working on a real fun Kite Safety Fun Book. Lots of activities here, but nothing on making a kite.

Let's drop in on Susie's Kite Class and learn how to make a small Eddy kite. Use plastic, soda straws, and cheap 1/8 inch wooden dowels to make easy to fly kites.

Now you have made your kite, go here to learn the secrets of making your kite FLY.

Here are a bunch of links to sites with interesting activities for kids. There is even a link to the site where you are right now. There is more to life than kites, but I don't know of anything more interesting. GRIN

When you get really good at building kites then go to the Netherlands and check out nearly all the plans that are on the internet. Most of these need a lot of skill.